TexasLending.com Encourages Homeowners to Add Color the Unexpected Way

TexasLending.comIt’s true, we all need a little bit of color in our lives. Color sets the tone and mood of the home. If you are a homeowner and not sure how to go about selecting color, TexasLending.comoffers a few tips to help get you started. Whether you want a pop of color here and there, or you want a colorful punch, below you’ll find some creative ways to add a little more color to your life.

Paint the front door

Wow your visitors before they even step inside your home. A freshly painted front door is welcoming and suggests a home that is well kept, says TexasLending.com. Painting the front door is a simple and easy way to add color to your home.

Paint the bookshelves

Perhaps you prefer to have a neutral color on your walls but you yearn for a touch of color. By painting the inside of your bookshelves you’ll be making a big impact with minimal fuss.

Recover or paint the furniture

Painting or recovering old furniture is a perfect and inexpensive way to add new life to something old, says TexasLending.com. An older sofa that may have a few stains but is still structurally sound can benefit from a new colorful slipcover. Repainting a piece of furniture is also a simple way to add a pop of color to your space.


You can instantly add color to your room by changing up your accessories, says TexasLending.com. Add throw blankets and pillows in a fun hue. This inexpensive facelift can completely alter the mood of a room.

Add flowers

Perhaps the easiest way to add color to a space is with bright, colorful flowers. The best part, saysTexasLending.com, is that flower colors can be changed on a regular basis according to the seasons.