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TexasLending.comAre you constantly struggling to make ends meet? Do you feel like you never have enough money to really enjoy life? You may have more cash than you think. Here, TexasLending.com answers common questions about ways to save.

Q: How can I save money on my grocery bill?

TexasLending.com: For most of us, grocery shopping is a major monthly expense. Often that’s because we are shopping the wrong way. Weekly shopping trips mean paying full price for most dietary needs. However, it’s possible to pre-plan meals around the highest-priced items (meats, dairy, etc.) by stockpiling as these items go on sale. Some experts report that a family of four can save over $500 a month by planning ahead.

Q: How much does the average American spend eating out?

TexasLending.com: Without even factoring in breakfasts, dinners, or unplanned snacks, most Americans spend just shy of $1,000 every year on lunch. The least expensive way to replace this costly habit is to bring leftovers for lunch. Other options include planning an office potluck a couple times a week or brown-bagging it with a good old-fashioned ham and cheese sandwich.

Q: How do unhealthy habits affect a person’s wallet?

TexasLending.com: Drinking and smoking are two of the costliest lifestyle choices a person can have. Aside from wrecking your lungs and liver, these vices can rack up thousands of dollars in excess expense every year. For instance, a person who smokes three packs of cigarettes per week may spend up to $800 annually on his/her nicotine fix. Likewise, having just three adult beverages out per month can rack up over $1,200 in alcohol – not including tips.

Q: Is it cheaper to shop online or in the stores?

TexasLending.com: There is no clear answer here, but recent polls show that 35% of consumers claim they don’t pay full price for anything they buy online. This suggests that shopping from the comfort of your own home does offer some advantages in comparing costs, coupons, and sale prices.

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