Tips from Texas | Four Easy Home Improvement Projects for Winter Cost Savings

Texas LendingAccording to Texas Lending, even the Lone Star State experiences extreme temperature fluctuations in the winter. Here are four simple and inexpensive upgrades to help balance the scales where energy efficiency is concerned.

  1. Insulation reevaluation

Insulation is the material that helps a home maintain its warmth in the winter. Texas Lending explains that if a home cools too quickly, it’s time to inspect the insulation. Most homes have a layer of loose fiberglass filling in the attic or overhead crawlspace. This can settle over time allowing warm air to escape.

  1. Diminish the drafts

Windows – especially wooden ones – expand and contract as the temperature changes. This can lead to cracks around their perimeter. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, says Texas Lending. All you need is a caulk gun and a couple of hours. Weather-stripping around doors is another inexpensive and simple way to deter drafty conditions.

  1. Learn to love LED

Texas Lending says that LED light bulbs are considerably more efficient than their outdated incandescent predecessors. These bulbs, which can be found everywhere from the pharmacy to your local hardware store, have a significantly longer lifespan. They are, however much more expensive, but still an invaluable investment in your home.

  1. Replace the thermostat

Technological advancements over the last decade led to the invention of the programmable thermostat, reports Texas Lending. These little marvels allow you to digitally program the exact temperature you want your home. Many models even offer smartphone apps allowing you to control when the system kicks on, regardless of where you are.

Combined, these quick and easy home improvement projects can save you hundreds of dollars in the long term. And, you’ll not only be more comfortable inside of your home, you’ll also be doing the right thing for the environment.

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