Texas Lending Explains Company’s Five Core Values

Texas LendingGreat customer service isn’t all it takes to be one of the best mortgage banking firms in Texas, says co-founder Kevin Miller. That’s a feat that requires dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. Texas Lending has established five core values to which all employees subscribe, both on and off the clock. These are:


According to the Texas Lending mortgage experts, integrity means exhibiting personal responsibility and rectitude at all times. It is a simple principle that carries over from one’s personal life to all professional endeavors.

WOW service

Some mortgage companies are satisfied to offer customers a single loan product and close the deal with little explanation or follow up. Not Texas Lending. The idea of “wow service” stems from Miller’s own experiences. He never felt satisfied with the level of service other lenders offered and wanted Texas Lending clients to walk away surprised at just how easy obtaining a mortgage could be.

Genuine relationships

Even more than exceptional customer service, Texas Lending provides financial products to their friends and fellow community members. Each lender is encouraged to take the time to learn his or her client’s needs and to find out what personal circumstances might affect both the mortgage as well as their experiences in their new home. Getting to know people is just the right way to do business, says Kevin Miller.

Positive and passionate people

Texas Lending offers mortgage products from people  – not computer algorithms – who understand the industry inside and out; people who have the ability and training to predict market trends, allowing each customer to choose the best product for his or her home buying dreams. Without a real, inherent passion for lending, this is not possible, says Miller.


Regardless of job title, mortgage lenders at Texas Lending are expected to be leaders at all times. This might mean stepping in and helping a colleague on a difficult project, explaining in-depth mortgage concepts to first-time homebuyers, or staying late until every piece of paperwork is complete. Miller leads by example and has positioned his staff to do the same.


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