Texas Lending Home Buying Experts Discuss Home Search Strategies

Texas LendingFinding the right neighborhood is important. Read on as Texas Lending explores ways to pick the perfect community for your next new home.

Q: What sort of things should I look for during my initial search?

Texas Lending: Before you even begin browsing the MLS, take some time to write down what you really want. Is it access to top-notch schools? A community swimming pool? Do you need a large yard or want to live in an HOA neighborhood that provides lawn care? Your “wish list” is going to be as unique as you.

Q: Should I believe everything I read online about the area?

Texas Lending: The Internet is valuable for research, but make sure to use trusted websites. Zillow offers several tools that can help you make a selection, and most area police departments will offer a link to local crime maps and data. Check around for a community blog or neighborhood-oriented social network such as NextDoor.com.

Q: How can I get a feel for the school system before moving?

Texas Lending: Even if you don’t have school-aged children, the school system is important to the community. Homes in “good” school zones will likely have more value than those where education isn’t a priority. If you can, call the schools your future home is zoned for and ask about making a school visit so that you and your children can get acquainted with teachers and staff. You can also find out more information, including test scores and parent reviews, by visiting GreatSchool.org.

Q: All cities will have parks, libraries, and other community amenities, right?

Texas Lending: Usually, yes, but the quality of these varies significantly. Middle-to-high income areas may have access to more programs, better books, and parks with more updated playground equipment, for example. If community features are important, it is worthwhile to check them out before you sign your home contract.


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