Breaking Bad (Financial Habits) with Texas Lending

Texas LendingYou don’t have to pull a Walter White to save money. Reps from, a mortgage lender headquartered in Dallas, say bad financial habits are a state-of-mind and breaking them is a matter of will.

According to representatives, people save best when they have a clearly defined purpose. In other words, those who want it bad enough, are the ones who are most successful in their savings campaigns. For instance, a mother saving for her daughter’s tap dance lessons may work twice as hard and give up a few small luxuries for what’s most important to her: her child’s happiness.

Many people mistakenly believe that it takes time to change the way you interact with money. This isn’t necessarily true, say the mortgage experts at Tomorrow, they assert, is an idea people chase; today is more tangible. Even if it’s just a small change, such as forgoing a $5 cup of coffee, every step forward is a move in the right direction.

Saving money does not mean living without the niceties that make life enjoyable, however. mortgage officers report advising their clients to indulge within reason every now and then. This could be a night out, a new book, or a massage. These should be paid for with “smart money” that has either been saved for that particular purpose or generated from other assets, which may include bank account interest or side jobs.

Building responsible financial habits is a long-term commitment; one that representatives says is made easier by automating many financial transactions. Most banks offer a split direct deposit option, which allows for a certain percentage of incoming funds to be diverted to a savings account. Online banking and automatic bill pay are also helpful.

Finally, the money experts at suggest seeking the advice of individuals in a desirable position. There are many networking groups – often referred to as mastermind groups – that offer their collective wisdom to help others achieve and accomplish their own goals. This could be a MeetUp group, a professional mentor, or membership in an organization that promotes financial awareness.

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