Protest Your Appraisal with This Handy Pocket Guide Presented By TexasLending.Com

Texas LendingYour appraisal is the dollar value assigned to your home by a real estate professional. It alone determines the value of your property and what others are willing to pay. Or does it? According to, the appraisal is not necessarily a fixed number and it is possible to successfully dispute a lowball estimate. Here’s how:

Investigate every detail.

If you’re not happy with the value the appraiser has noted, experts suggest taking the time to study his or her notes meticulously. Separate the appraisal into two distinct categories: the home’s determined value and the data that value was based upon. Look at every detail and check for errors. Appraisers are, after all, human, and may miss something in their review.

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Breaking Bad (Financial Habits) with Texas Lending

Texas LendingYou don’t have to pull a Walter White to save money. Reps from, a mortgage lender headquartered in Dallas, say bad financial habits are a state-of-mind and breaking them is a matter of will.

According to representatives, people save best when they have a clearly defined purpose. In other words, those who want it bad enough, are the ones who are most successful in their savings campaigns. For instance, a mother saving for her daughter’s tap dance lessons may work twice as hard and give up a few small luxuries for what’s most important to her: her child’s happiness.

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TexasLending.comA failing foundation can make or break a home buyer’s decision to sign a contract, warn the experts at Unfortunately, many prospective owners assume that minor issues are not a big deal. Read on to find out more.

Q: How do I know if there is a problem with the foundation of a home I am interested in purchasing? Oftentimes, these issues are not exposed until the home inspection phase of your purchase. If discovered, you are still out the cost of the inspection and possibly the appraisal as well. A few things you can look for during the initial walk-through are uneven floors, windows and doors that get stuck or don’t shut all the way, or cracks along the brick exterior or in the interior drywall.

Continue reading Serving Veterans is one of the area’s leading providers of VA loans. Our experienced mortgage professionals work closely with U.S. servicemen and women to ensure a stress-free transaction every time. In the following brief question-and-answer session, we have provided basic information on VA loans and the home buying process.

Q: What is a VA loan? A Veterans Administration (VA) loan is a loan guaranteed by the Federal Government on behalf of eligible/entitled veterans. These loans were first made available in 1944 when the U.S. Congress approved the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, which offered certain financial benefits to soldiers returning from war.

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TexasLending.comRebuilding your credit score is a lot like building a house. You must start with a good, solid foundation and pay attention to the details. The mortgage experts at offer this advice:

Know your credit score

According to the financial advisors at, your credit score tells lenders a lot about you. For instance, a bank can determine how long you’ve been paying your bills on time and just how much of your credit you’re currently using. Keep an eye on your credit report and score and remember, a higher score opens more doors!

Mix it up

Try to keep a good mix of different credit accounts. suggest having a proportionate number of installment and revolving loans. However, avoid applying for a bunch of different loans at once, as that can raise red flags for potential lenders.

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TexasLending.comBuying or refinancing a home is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be entered into without plenty of thought, foresight, and a little advice from people who know the industry thoroughly. Here, the experts at weigh in on mortgage trends for 2016.

Q: Is it cheaper to buy a home or rent? That really depends on where you live, and the state of the market at the time you are planning to move. Currently, it’s less expensive to buy a home and make monthly mortgage payments than it is to lease in most major markets across the US. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Dallas is close to $1,500 a month. By comparison, a mortgage of $200,000 may be less than $1,000. (Hint: check out for calculators).

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Many homeowners have thousands of dollars in available assets just waiting to be utilized for home improvement projects or other needs. In the following question-and-answer session, mortgage experts from offer insight into home equity loans.

Q: What is a home-equity loan? An equity loan is a mortgage product that utilizes the equity in primary residential property as collateral. These types of loans often come with low interest rates and low to no lender fees. Home equity loans are often referred to as “second mortgages” and may require a reasonable loan-to-value ratio as well as good credit.

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